Parallel Shaped

Parallel Shaped

Whether you live in a towering mansion or a compact apartment, the heart of all the family members lies in the kitchen. That is why everybody wants to shape it to be attractive and excellent to look neat and clean. In other words, the reason to make the kitchen so unique is that the family’s health lies in the kitchen.

However, this place called the kitchen is highly notoriously complex to design as there are many things we have to take care of while renovating it. So, if you are planning to go for a Parallel shaped kitchen, then through this write up you will come to know all about it. 

Parallel shaped kitchen is also called galley kitchen, and it is the perfect layout for compact homes or one-cook kitchens. However, this type of kitchen offers parallel countertops on both the opposite walls.

What is the parallel-shaped kitchen?

A parallel or galley kitchen is another classic layout that fits in a narrow space in the home. It consists of two walls having a passageway in between them. Moreover, it is packed with base and also wall cabinets on both sides. Well, it is an easy layout in which there is no space for corner cabinets. 

Things to keep in mind regards to parallel kitchen.

  • It offers maximum storage as you can install cabinets on both the opposite walls
  • To deliver a fantastic look, maintain the equal distance between the kitchen triangle
  • Always keep the sink and the hob in the same line
  • Lastly, try to position the fridge on the opposite side, mainly between the line of sink and hob.