U Shaped Kitchen

U-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen design is best for small spaces and only accommodates one or two cooks at one time, but it wholly depends upon the width of the U. this U-Shaped kitchen is also called a horseshoe kitchen. It has cabinets and counters, which run around three sides with an open fourth side for access. 


However, this type of design is usually seen in older homes, but nowadays, they are more common in modern homes. That means everyday people also like its design and arrangement of cabinets and counters.

Some of the benefits of U-Shaped kitchen designs: -

  • Delivers plenty of counter space : As I have discussed earlier, U-Shaped kitchen designs have three connected walls, and then they also tend to have enough space on counters. In other words, you can say there is a lot of space available for work, but the thing is, the area in the kitchen is not too narrow. However, this type of kitchen can easily accommodate many people at one time, which helps in easy meal preparation.
  • Perfect optimization of kitchen working triangle :

    This U-Shaped kitchen fully adheres to the principles of the kitchen triangle. That means the three countertops on three walls can be utilized in three different ways for installing the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. The reason for this is that with a safe distance from one another, the work can be performed easily without any space issue

  • Offers plenty of storage space :

    The countertop is installed in three connected walls of the kitchen, which delivers plenty of storage space for installing cabinets and drawers. This design also offers enough space for the kitchen island, which is an additional feature for homeowners.